Our Specialties


When it comes to our clients' investments, we believe that active, institutional-grade portfolio management is a key to long term success. Olympic clients enjoy direct access to established, reputable money managers that have stood the test of time.

In short, our view is that professionally-managed investment plans do the best job of helping to:

  • Remove emotions (mainly fear and euphoria) from investment decisions
  • Control financial risks that can cause serious harm
  • Reflect values and preferences through customization
  • Improve tax control
  • Promote fee transparency

When it comes to investing, success is less about investment performance than it is investor behavior. The old adage of 'buy low, sell high' is elementary in principle, but it is notoriously difficult in practice. In our view, delegating the complex task of modern portfolio management to a team of experienced pros is worthwhile and effective.

Investors face a mind-numbing avalanche of choices today. Worse, there are many urgent voices claiming to know which way is best—and not all of those voices can be trusted. At Olympic, we know what works. And we have the track record to prove it.

RETIREMENT PLANNING with Envestnet MoneyGuide®

One of the most complicated parts of the financial planning process—and certainly one of the most critical—is projecting and then managing a person's retirement income.

Proper income planning is rarely achievable using personal finance software. Most free retirement calculators found on the web are simply unable to account for the full spectrum of variables which must be factored in.

At Olympic, we recognize and respect how hard you've worked for your retirement. We also know you need to make your retirement savings last, potentially for decades. With the help of our goals-based analyses, you can effectively plan for retirement by:

  • Establishing realistic beginning and end dates for retirement
  • Estimating dollar-specific spending goals
  • Entering dollar-specific values of savings/investments and projected income sources
  • Calculating the probability that your assets plus your income will fund your spending goals
  • Updating your plan when/as needed

If you're approaching retirement or already retired, Olympic has some of the industry's finest resources—backed by years of frontline experience—to help plan the future income you'll need.