Overlay Services

For an additional annual fee of 0.10% either or both of the following Overlay Services are available to clients of Olympic Wealth Management:


Tax Overlay

Many established investors are concerned about the impact of taxes on their investments. And rightly so; left uncontrolled, taxes can seriously diminish portfolio returns.

The state-of-the-art Tax Overlay service available through Olympic is designed to strategically manage tax exposure of an investment portfolio, with the goal of improving after-tax returns over time.

This goal is principally achieved through a sophisticated ongoing process of loss harvesting, gain/loss matching, and deferral of short-term gains that cannot be offset. Additionally, this process is expertly coordinated between multiple managed portfolio ‘sleeves’ which coexist within the same brokerage account.

Finally, diligence and care are exercised to establish an annual ‘capital gain budget’ so that your tax exposure can be better quantified and managed throughout the course of a given year.

Tax Overlay is only available on accounts which hold individual stocks.


Impact (Values-Based) Overlay

At Olympic, we specialize in the ability to place screens on your investment accounts. These screens make it possible to exclude holdings from your portfolio which generate revenue from products or services you might find objectionable.

If social/moral values are a priority for you, we can help keep your money away from industries or companies you prefer not to be associated with financially. Examples of categories where screens can be applied include:

  • Abortion
  • Adult Entertainment/Pornography
  • Alcohol & Tobacco
  • Animal Testing
  • Eco-Unfriendly
  • Firearms/Military Weapons
  • Gambling
  • Human Rights Violations

Growing numbers of investors are choosing to reflect their core beliefs in the investments they own. If that is your desire, we can assist you with making the shift to a more values-based approach.