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For Boeing Associates

Watch our video to learn how Olympic Wealth Management works with Boeing employees

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Listen to Eric Cumley discuss what OWM can do for Boeing investors:

If you intend to involve a financial professional in your investment and retirement planning, be sure it’s someone with expertise advising on financial matters unique to Boeing associates.

Olympic Wealth Management specializes in working with current and former employees of The Boeing Company.

Eric is a proven, independent expert on Boeing’s suite of retirement benefits, including:

  • Boeing 401(k) investment planning
  • Determining 401(k) pre-tax vs. Roth contribution rates along with catch-up contributions and in-plan Roth conversions
  • Pension claiming options for the PVP and the BCERP, as well as how to choose between the monthly annuity vs. lump sum forms of payment
  • Determining suitability for and enrolling in the Supplemental Savings Plan (SSP)
  • Strategies for reducing exposure to Boeing stock and exercising options
  • Age 59.5 in-service 401(k) distributions
  • Layoff severance benefits
  • Interfacing with Worklife
  • Executive benefits including Deferred Compensation, SSP+, DC SERP and more

For years, Eric has also conducted retirement seminars through the Boeing Leadership Network (BLN.) His flagship program Biggest Boeing Retirement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them has long been one of the BLN’s most popular and highly-attended financial education offerings.

Whether you’re an active Boeing employee, already retired, nearing retirement, or facing a layoff, Eric has the experience and resources you need to make important financial decisions unique to Boeing associates. Many current and former Boeing employees are satisfied clients of Olympic Wealth Management.

You can be too.