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Frequently Asked Questions

you asked — we answered

How much are Olympic's Fees?

Olympic’s Advisory Fee schedule is contained in the firm’s Form ADV2 (Firm Brochure) which can be found in the Disclosures at the bottom of this page. A client’s Total Annual Fee is the combination of Olympic’s Advisor Fee, Envestnet’s Sponsor Fee, as well as any transaction fees which might be assessed by Charles Schwab on the purchase or sale of securities in your account(s.) Your Total Annual Fee will depend primarily on the dollar value of your portfolio; generally, as the portfolio value increases, fees expressed as a percentage decrease. Fees are also disclosed in detail and included in writing as part of all Olympic investment plan proposals.

Will Olympic staff manage my investments? Or will it be someone else?

Years ago, the decision was made that Olympic would outsource portfolio management to reputable, independent third-party specialists. This method has proven to be effective in that Olympic is able to engage a broad range of credentialed research analysts and professional management teams to diversify and monitor portfolios for our clients. This is a sharp contrast from the ‘advisor as portfolio manager (APM) approach which, in our view, delivers much less value and a decidedly narrower range of opportunity to investors.

I’m only looking for someone to review my plan and don’t want/need ongoing advice. Do you work on an hourly or project basis?

At Olympic our services are bundled, meaning the Advisor Fee our clients pay for investment planning also provides for ongoing retirement income planning projections/guidance. Because these two planning disciplines are deeply interconnected, we believe it best that they not be separated into ‘à la carte’ offerings.

How often can I expect to hear from Olympic staff?

We are committed to maintaining a consistent and proactive level of communication with our clients. Besides monthly newsletters and regular email communication, twice per year Olympic clients receive an electronic questionnaire which, among other things, offers them the opportunity to schedule either telephone or in-person plan reviews. A common complaint among investors is that they rarely (if ever) hear from their advisors. At Olympic we deliver a much better experience. It’s something you deserve and should expect. Another complaint is advisors regularly trying to ‘sell’ products or services. Since Olympic is not compensated on a commission basis, clients are never subjected to sales pressure.

Do I get to work with Eric? Or will I be handed off to someone else after I become a client?

Once you become a client of Olympic you will work directly with Eric. He will personally advise you on your investment and retirement planning, as well as direct you to other financial resources you may need like tax preparation, estate planning, insurance, mortgage financing, and more.

Where are my investments held?

Most RIA firms use institutional custodians to hold and safeguard their client’s investment securities. These custodians also provide essential services such as effecting trades, preparing account statements/tax reports, and providing online account access. At Olympic, custody services are provided by Charles Schwab & Co, Inc.