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Tax Transition

Most established investors accept the reality that paying higher taxes is a price of success. But there’s no sense in paying more than necessary. The state-of-the-art Tax Transition service available through Olympic is designed to help lower your capital gain taxes and improve your after-tax returns over time

This control is mainly achieved through an active, ongoing process of loss harvesting, gain/loss matching, and deferral of short-term gains that cannot be offset. Additionally, the process is expertly coordinated across multiple components in managed portfolios using highly-sophisticated technology from Envestnet.

Finally, an annual ‘capital gain budget’ is established so your tax liability can be better anticipated and planned-for throughout a given year.

If you have large unrealized capital gains in a taxable (non-retirement) account and need to:

  • Diversify a large/concentrated holding, or
  • Switch to a new portfolio strategy but control your taxes in the process

Tax Transition services through Olympic are probably ideal for you.