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Retirement Planning

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The second phase of Olympic’s time-tested process is retirement planning. More specifically, retirement income planning.

One of the most complicated parts of the financial planning process—and certainly one of the most critical—is projecting and then managing a person’s retirement income. Proper income planning is rarely achievable using personal finance software or free calculators found on the web. Rarely (if ever) are these able to account for the full spectrum of variables that must be factored in and then projected over many years.

At Olympic, we recognize and respect how hard you’ve worked and saved for your retirement. We also know you need to make your money last, potentially for decades. Using MoneyGuide®, the industry’s leading subscription-based retirement planning software, Eric can help reduce your worries about money in retirement by:

  • Establishing realistic beginning and end dates for retirement
  • Estimating dollar-specific spending goals (living expenses, travel, health care etc.)
  • Entering dollar-specific values of savings/investments and projected income sources
  • Calculating the probability that your assets and income will fund your spending goals
  • Updating your plan when/as needed

MoneyGuide® also integrates with your investment accounts at Charles Schwab. Whenever your Olympic retirement plan is updated it automatically populates with the current values of the exact holdings in your investment plan. The strength of the technology combined with Eric’s expertise is truly remarkable.

Finally, fees for retirement income planning are simply ‘bundled’ into Olympic’s Advisor Fee. In other words, Advisor Fees paid for Investment Planning also cover all retirement planning services (initial plan buildout, subsequent modifications, and ongoing reviews) delivered throughout the year.

If your retirement income plan isn’t:

  • Date specific
  • Dollar specific
  • Regularly updated and
  • Monitored over time

You don’t have a plan. You have a guess.